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Professional Storage Services for Indianapolis, Indiana

Boxes Inside Storage Room — Moving & Storage in Greenwood, IN

Move With Confidence and Flexibility

Sometimes moving schedules can be difficult to plan. You might need to move across the country in stages, or perhaps you need to move your belongings before your new home is actually available.

Whatever the case may be, you are not without options. For affordable rates, Greenwood Moving & Storage Inc. offers reasonable storage services for people who need to move, but don't have ideal circumstances. We're more than happy to hold on to your belongings for you until you're ready for them.

Storage Choices for Every Need

We offer a range of storage options. For everything from simple residential moves to long-term corporate holdings, we have the resources on hand to keep your items in good condition until you need them. Just call or email us, and we'll deliver your belongings to your new location as directed.

Be sure to consult with us for our subsidiary service, Containers on Wheels. We know that you'll appreciate the flexibility and convenience that these containers can give you and your home.
Wood Boxes Inside Storehouse — Moving & Storage in Greenwood, IN

Your Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority

When it comes to moving, you don't need to worry about whether or not you have enough room in the truck or at your new location. Just let us hold on to your things for a little while as you get organized.

Consult with us for your storage needs. Our climate-controlled storage facility will keep your items in perfect condition until your new destination is ready for them.